Shanti Sound Healing and Yoga (Soulasana Vibes Interview)


On our latest episode of Soulasana Vibes, we interviewed Christina Felty and Paul Balmer, roving practitioners from Shanti Sound Healing + Yoga on Maui. We explored their journey from the corporate world to discovering the power of sound to uprooting their lives to establish a sound healing lifestyle and business on Maui. Their journey had a rough start when they first arrived on island, but instead of being derailed, their connection to faith and divine timing enabled them to press forward toward their dream. Now, they are celebrating Shanti Sound Healing + Yoga’s third anniversary, helping others to find harmony through positive vibrations. 

About Shanti Sound Healing + Yoga

Shanti Sound’s mission is to harmonize lives through the power of sound, healing, and meditation. Christina and Paul strive to raise the positive vibration of Maui’s community (and wherever their journey will take them) through natural healing and promoting self-care. Christina and Paul experienced their first sound bath roughly five years ago and related the experience to having an epiphany. They fell in love with the state of self-awareness and relaxation they reached and purchased their very first Singing Bowl (Suren Shrestha) that evening. 

Years later, Christina found herself training under Suren Shrestha himself, the originator of her treasured singing bowl. She trained in Himalayan healing techniques and became certified with Atma Buti Sound and Vibrational School in Boulder, Colorado. Along with yoga and sound healing, she has also been a student and teacher of belly dance for over a decade. Paul accompanies Christina, adding his natural musical abilities and divine connection and expression to each of their sessions. Together, they create magic.

What is Vibrational Sound Healing?

Sound therapy improves your physical and emotional well-being using music in various ways, including listening or meditating to music, singing, moving, or playing an instrument. Vibrational sound therapy, also known as vibroacoustic therapy, utilizes sound vibrations to reduce stress, pain, and fatigue.  It is a very powerful experience and can heal deep trauma and pain.

Singing Bowls

The singing bowls Christina and Paul use in their sessions date back to the 12th century in Tibetan culture. Their deep, penetrating sound has been proven to reduce stress, anger, depression, and fatigue. People experience an overwhelming sense of calm that still their minds and souls, enabling them to realign their current mental and emotional states with their true selves. “We’re not trying to change people’s core beliefs,” Paul explains. “We’re trying to help them raise their consciousness to experience it even more.”

Sound Healing and a Sense of Purpose

When Christina described her and Paul’s first experience with a sound bath, she felt this inner shift in her being. In our interview, she said, “As soon as we walked into this room, it was magic.” Her life was never the same. Her and Paul’s friendship grew into a relationship after that experience, and that relationship grew into both a loving and professional partnership, and that partnership fulfilled a dream to share sound healing with others on Maui. Today, they are deeply satisfied by fulfilling their purpose of helping others achieve peace and harmony. 

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Amy Lohr