Welcome to Soulasana - Our Story


How Yoga Changed My Life and How It Can Change Yours

This is a special time as August marks the first anniversary of Soulasana’s opening! I feel so blessed to see my dreams come true in this past year. There have been many highs, lows, twists and turns throughout this year and the lessons I have learned and the beautiful new friendships that have been created, have been the most rewarding part of my journey so far. Our community consists of loving, compassionate and dedicated souls which I am deeply grateful to know. Soulasana is bringing yoga, healing, movement and art to our community, adding inspiration, joy and expansion, and I believe, we’re just getting started.  

Our Origin Story

Soulasana was founded by me, Amy Lohr, with the love and support of my husband and our family. Raising two children and turning 40, I asked the Universe, “What am I doing with my time on this planet?” It was my mid-life awakening. I realized that I wasn’t pursuing my lifelong dream of helping others and living a life of authentic passion. I was working in the corporate world and feeling stagnant. I wanted to prove to myself that we can manifest the life of our dreams and also wanted to show my children that we can find our courage to take risks at any age under any circumstance; we just have to keep the faith, be persistent and use positive thinking. Many times fear of the unknown and comfort with our current situation can keep us confined. I felt a strong desire to break free of that fright. With a great deal of time devoted to soul searching, hard work, self analysis and encouragement from my husband and family, my dreams accumulated into Soulasana. And now, that dream is my reality. There is still no crystal ball that will tell me what the future will morph into, but It inspires me to know that we can all live a life of our true desires and consistently show up for ourselves in faith and trust.  

What is your dream? 

Our Mission

At Soulasana, we believe we can add more light and love to this world by healing ourselves first. We are not simply a yoga studio; we are a space that uses all forms of yoga, movement, meditation and art to tap into our vibrancy, health, higher consciousness, creativity, and soulful expression. The names Soulasana means Soulful Asana (sanskrit word for movement) and that is what we have created here. We want to help you achieve those ‘Aha!’ moments that help center and motivate you in this life. We want to support all beings in finding their highest vibration, true state of being, confidence, and faith. We are a family run studio and a family environment. When you come through our doors, you are part of the family and we always treat one another as equals. There is no judgment here. Everyone belongs, and everyone is encouraged. 

What We Do

Yoga. That little word contains so much power. Yoga is not simply bending and stretching. While it is a great exercise, it works more than our bodies; it works our heart, mind and soul. There are so many types of yoga styles and schools, and we are open to all of them. Different styles meet different needs for different people. Finding the style that resonates for you best is a journey that we would love to lead you on. Perhaps it is Kaiut that you are attracted to. Or maybe it is a Vinyasa Flow that allows you to feel open and free. Whether it is a type of yin, kundalini, ashtanga, or yoga nidra, we are here to help you connect with the style that connects best with you.  We want you to not only feel free from physical pain, we want you to feel free from emotional pain as well. And we want you to have Fun! Yoga can be a powerful vessel to help heal you from the inside out.


Why We Do It

Life is a gift; everyday of our lives is a precious moment that I feel deeply grateful for. I want to honor this gift and create a life that is authentic and meaningful. That is the intention behind Soulasana. I realized that we can create a life that is passionate; even if it means taking some scary risks. I know it’s easy to get caught up in to-do lists, adult responsibilites, childcare, work, and more. I know that financial investments in our dreams can be daunting, because they are and there is no guarantee it will all work out. Trust me, I know that first-hand! But what if they do? And what if we have so much faith and persistence in the journey of our hearts that it all manifests into a life that is even better than we could have imagined? Sometimes when we think we are failing, we are actually pivoting into something even more profound. There are ALWAYS lessons to be learned and ways to evolve and grow. Yoga has always given me those moments of clarity to step into faith and love because when I feel strong and flexible in my body, and calm and centered in my mind, I am able to have more space in my life to DREAM. I am not burdened by physical pain or stress when I’m practicing yoga daily. I have that extra time to follow my soul’s calling and I want to share that experience with you. Soulasana is here to encourage one another to find that faith and inspiration and physical vitality to live a life that is most rewarding for each of us.

How We Do It

Soulasana has a strong creative and artistic foundation. We believe in merging art, healing modalities and movement to create an inspirational  community. Not only do we offer daily yoga and meditation classes, we also hold special events, ceremonies and workshops to widen our perspective and learn new tools to help us in our lives. We are proud to offer community classes as well that are free/donation based so that everyone feels welcome and can find a time to practice with us. As a yoga studio on Maui, we are blessed with many opportunities to connect with such incredible healers and talented, high vibrational individuals. 

What’s Next for Soulasana

Our amazing family, ohana, at Soulasana continues to grow. With over a dozen teachers, we work together to meet the needs of our community. We have lots of exciting upcoming events, like Reiki training, kids and teens yoga teacher training, Somatic Experiencing workshop, and more. We are also excited to announce our next big thing: our “Soulasana Vibes” podcast. Through our podcast, we will interview healers, soulpreneurs, visionaries, artists, yogis, change-makers and alternative thinkers in an easy, conversational manner. More to come about Soulasana Vibes soon! Lastly, this new blog will discuss more in-depth topics that we cover in the podcast and our classes. 

How Yoga Can Center Your Life (Like It Did Mine!)

Our goal at Soulasana is to treat the mind, body, and soul with respect, love and mindfulness. Yoga can bring us all to our center and enable us to refocus our priorities. We welcome our entire community and all experience levels so that we can all feel soul expansion. When we feel good in our bodies and mind, we have more love to share with the world. 

Tell us about your dreams in the comments. We want to be a part of your journey to make it become a reality. And please join us in discovering hope, peace, and lightness for all. Ask us about our intro package today.


In Gratitude,


Amy Lohr