Soulasana is excited to announce our brand-new yoga podcast, Soulasana Vibes . In each episode, we interview yogis, healers, soulpreneurs, change-makers, and alternative thinkers in a quest to share insight and inspiration to more people. We want to highlight the beautiful souls we have here on Maui and how connected we are as a community. 

This yoga podcast isn’t just about postures and yoga mats; it’s about connecting to our spirit and our higher purpose. We explore the deeper meaning of life as we discuss intention, mindfulness, and soul alignment. With our guests, we hope to help others follow their intuition and manifest their dreams using the power of positive thought, intention, and visualization and recognize we are all experiencing universal themes and we truly are all connected.  One Love.


Soulasana Vibes is manifesting our dream to continue our own creative and soul expansion and this podcast is part of that unfolding. Join us on our journey of enlightenment! Subscribe Today!

The Sparks that Light Our Path: Our Very Own Kenny Ward Shares His Journey (Soulasana Vibes Ep. 1)

In our first aired episode of Soulasana Vibes, we touch on what inspired the podcast and what we hope to achieve. I share the story of how a teasing suggestion from my husband turned into a team project to create this podcast. And then we dive into the past and dreams of our very own co-host, Kenny Ward. 

The Spark

Every venture starts with a spark, an idea, a light bulb moment. These moments usually come when you least expect them, but then you wonder why you didn’t think of it before. That is exactly how it was when the idea of Soulasana Vibes was born.

You can listen to the podcast to hear the whole story  (Soulasana Vibes) and thank you to my husband, Joel, for planting the seed! 

Kenny to the Rescue!


Kenny Ward, one of our inspiring teachers here at Soulasana, had a similar epiphany that got him back onto a path he abandoned long ago. Before we go that far back in his story, let’s first share a bit how Kenny was roped into being a co-host on this podcast. 

Shortly after the seed was planted to start a podcast, the universe and its divine timing brought Kenny and I together once more. I say once more because the universe already united us when Kenny became one of our yoga instructors. This time though, it wasn’t Kenny’s amazing abilities as a yoga teacher, but his tech-savviness that connected our purposes.

Kenny not only helped me with the logistics of producing a podcast but also with overcoming my fears and nerves about interviewing others. Our flow has been so natural and easy from the start that it was an organic progression that Kenny join me in not only the back end but also becoming involved during all the interviews as well. 

I Can Do That, Too!


Growing up, Kenny started taking guitar lessons at a young age.  He quickly had a passion for music, especially songwriting. In his teens, he started to perform publicly, and while many people close to him were supportive, they always emphasized that it could be a fun hobby, not a serious pursuit; however, deep down, Kenny knew that music was his passion and was something that he wanted to pursue more seriously.  Others’ negativity about music as a serious pursuit led to Kenny questioning his own ability to create music and write songs as a true profession. Older people would always tell him about the failed dreams of others who considered themselves musicians. It is those kinds of stories that people tell us as we grow up that affect our life’s narrative. We explore this more deeply during the podcast.

But Kenny has taken control of his narrative. He has given himself credit for all the difficult things he has accomplished that others haven’t and realized, “I can do this, too!” To learn how Kenny went from demoting his dream to a hobby to winning a song competition that landed him a top spot in the Hawaii Songwriting Festival, you’ll have to listen to the full episode (Soulasana Vibes). 

But for now, check Kenny out on instagram @kennywardmusic and his new band The Other Realm with his brother Billie @otherrealmmusic. Kenny is living his dreams and his passion now and has fully stepped into his power. His music is folksy with a unique vibe and he continues to grow and expand in all ways. We are so proud of you Kenster! Thank you all for joining us on this new journey.

Don’t forget to Subscribe to Soulasana Vibes to learn how other Maui souls have turned trials into triumphs and have inspired others to do the same. 

Amy Lohr