DREAM IT REAL with Abria Joseph

How to DREAM IT REAL with Abria Joseph 


Abria Joseph is an inspirational speaker and sound healer who was featured on TEDx Talks that have been shared in Holland and Thailand. And now, he talks with us on the latest episode of Soulasana Vibes. After 15 years of traveling the world, Abria is laying a foundation on Maui for his healing and therapeutic practices. Kenny Ward and I interview Abria Joseph about living the dream. 

Dream It Real


Abria was featured on TEDx Talks in Holland and Thailand in 2014 and 2015, respectively. Based on the wisdom he gained through traveling and self-healing, he talked about taking chances and seizing opportunities to Dream It Real. He opened the audiences’ minds and ours to what type of powerful vision we need to have in our mind to live our dreams. He believes “seeing” goes far beyond our visual sight, and we need to use all our senses to “see” the world, to be present, and to experience life to the fullest. 

In his Talks, he also tackles the concept of fear. He explains that FEAR is a story we create based on False Evidence Appearing Real. We have a duty to ourselves and our communities to overcome our fear and live life as our best selves. To do this, we need to practice because practice diminishes fear.

Pranaforce Yoga in Maui


Abria Joseph recently founded his lifestyle studio and retreat center, Pranaforce Yoga. Nestled in an ideal location here on Maui, he will be hosting classes, workshops and Teacher Training. His practice focuses on sensory activations, primarily through sound healing. His mission is to help people rediscover their highest vibrations and to pursue their dreams. He wants to inspire people to live their dream life and their dream way of being.

Handpan Sound Healing

In a previous podcast episode, we learn about singing bowls from Shanti Sound Healing and Yoga. Abria’s sound healing instrument is called the handpan. The handpan looks similar to a turtle shell and is played with your hands, almost like a bongo. 

Abria first heard the music from this rare instrument in a large marketplace and was drawn to it. Handpans come from Switzerland, and you must be approved by the builders to receive one. The handpan design is influenced by steel drums and requires a specific balance to produce its mystical sound. The sound resonated with his being and now, as he plays, Abria explains, “I just close my eyes and go for the ride myself.”

During our interview, Abria plays the handpan for us, and it is simply magical. Please give the podcast, Soulasana Vibes, a full listen to experience it for yourself. Kenny and I share the images and emotions the music evokes for us. What does the music evoke in you? 

Maui Yoga Retreats and Workshops 

To learn more about Abria Joseph’s sound healing, yoga retreats, training, and workshops, visit PranaforceYoga.com. And don’t miss out on our full interview on Soulasana Vibes to learn more about ecstatic dancing, sound healing, and living your dream.

Amy Lohr