In our most recent podcast episode on Soulasana Vibes, I interviewed one of my long-time friends, Nickoel Martyn, creator of Taurus Moon Jewelry and Monarch Collective. Nickoel moved to Maui 13 years ago and I was introduced to her 3 years after that by a mutual friend. When we met, Nickoel was at the beginning of her journey away from the L.A. fashion world to island life. Since then, her pursuit of achieving balance, creativity, and a successful entrepreneurial career has become her truth.

Discover the Artist Within


Nickoel began her career in the fashion industry in Los Angeles. But it wasn’t in the jewelry niche, it was in the shoe world. It wasn’t until she moved to Maui, a place where she didn’t even think there was room for a fashion industry, that she discovered her own creative talent and potential. When she uncovered her passion to make jewelry, she explains, “It was part of my heart space. All of the sudden, I had an art. I had never really been an artist before.”

At first, Nickoel was scared to put her art out there, where it would be open for criticism. But being a mom helped her overcome this fear. She says, “Having kids really puts time in perspective.” She then goes on to explain, “I don’t have time to not be comfortable with myself.” So, from the birth of her children and all the lessons to follow, Taurus Moon Jewelry was born; and she stepped into it with confidence and intention. 

Taurus Moon Jewelry


Taurus Moon incorporates crystals and gold that are combined in a little-known metal working art form known as gold fill. She explains there is a unique science to stones and their makeup that affects not only the beauty of her pieces, but also the emotions they inspire. 

By mastering her craft and the use of her materials, Nickoel creates high-vibrational jewelry that have a strong feeling of connectiveness to their wearer. Time and again, her customers have shared that her jewelry makes them feel inspired, alive and at peace. Taurus Moon Jewelry is where inner and outer beauty align. 

Sharing the Love: The Monarch Collective


A large part of Nickoel’s journey was travelled alongside fellow jewelry artist, and best friend, Perri Ricci. Known for her puka shell jewelry, Perri, Founder of Puka Perri, has elevated puka shell design with her beautiful jewelry lines. Combining forces, Nickoel and Perri created The Monarch Collective, where they and other artists can showcase their collections together, but in an individual spotlight. 

Life Advice From An Artist to You

In our interview, Maui jewelry artist Nickoel Martyn shares amazing advice on motherhood, business, and art. You will have to listen to the whole podcast to benefit from all she shared but she did leave us with a final thought that I will leave with you today. “Embrace change. Breathe into it… Our souls will catch up tomorrow.” 

Listen to the full episode on SOULASANA VIBES and learn how to live in the present while achieving your dreams.

Amy Lohr